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April 23–May 27
Week 1 Minutes Due
June 12
Week 2 Minutes Due
June 19
Week 3 Minutes Due
June 26
Week 4 Minutes Due
July 3
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The Program


Registration runs from April 23 to May 27. Starting April 23, you can create your personal profile, then create your team profile and invite colleagues to join your team. Or, you can find a team to join in your location or Area. You will not be able to create a profile or join a team after registration has closed.

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Any kind of exercise counts, regardless of intensity (i.e., walking, martial arts, weight lifting, swimming, yoga, tennis, rock climbing, team sports and more). Exercise must go beyond your daily routine and does not include minutes you are sitting, standing, doing household chores, riding a lawn mower, etc. While team sports count, you should only count the time you spend exercising, not the time it takes to play the game. Learn more here.

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Track Minutes

Team members are limited to two hours per day, seven days a week. A team member’s weekly total cannot exceed 840 minutes, and a team’s weekly total cannot exceed 16,800 minutes. The 28 points you can earn through the Healthy Habits Bonus Minutes do not count toward your 840 minute maximum per week.

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Participate in Team Events

Check out the Events section for local activities and events (organized by Team Captains) that help you earn exercise minutes and stay in motion!

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